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It has often been brought to my attention that many of my teen art students find the challenges of daily teen life to be confusing and hard to navigate. In art classes we often talk about grounding, releasing and practising how to not let life take complete control of us. We also chat about ways to navigate other challenges, like self confidence, self belief, friendships plus much more. 
So I decided to create a "Teen Meditation Circle" for ages 12-17 years. (high school) 
In this 1hr 15min session, we will do a meditation practise, learn how to do this at home for daily self support and learn how to hold sacred space for ourselves & others. Have a weekly discussion topic and receive a mini reading (cause they're fun) 
Meditation is a wonderful practice for teenagers, the benefits of this practice teaches them the art of taking a deep breath before responding to any kind of situation like school overwhelm, anxiety, busyness, friendships & relationships. It shows them how to quieten their busy minds and create a quiet space to retreat to when things get too much. They can take their Thursday night meditations with them, so they can do it through the week until the next session.

It will be on every Thursday night

6:30pm - 7:30pm

 (during school term, unless we choose to keep going during the holidays)
Where: My Art Studio, Bray Park 

Cost: $20

What to bring: a yoga matt or towel (something to sit or lay on) and a pillow if they want. 
If you are interested in joining, please fill in the form.
Thank you 

Aranyani Jas 

Teen Meditation Circle Inquiry

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