About Me

I am a Mixed Media Artist with over20 years experience.
My inspiration comes from sharing my unique artist experience with young people and adults.
I support and nurture students creativity so they can realise their full potential and achieve creative goals.
I will go where my students lead and work across multiple mediums.
From high tech digital art, more traditional mediums such as acrylic, watercolour and ink to 3D art including polymer clay.
Or, students can relax and enjoy a crafty experience.
I offer a unique experience that is tailored to each student. 

I am a skilled artist, illustrator and designer. Creating is my passion!
A curious soul, always on the lookout to try new things and share it with my students and make new Artworks to sell.
I aspire to share how I see the world around me, infused with colour, imagination & creativity.
Another HUGE passion of mine is self-discovery, I went to put improvement but I have learnt over the years,
We as we are & what we will Be is determined by how often We face ourselves in our everyday lives.
That we are a reflection of all that has been and all that is happening here & now.
Our only job is to Show Up for all that is on offer for Us in this Life.
I share these passions in my Aranyani Retreats, Energy Alignments & Crystal Readings.
Artistic Expression, Spiritual Connection
& Personal Reflection.

Thank You for taking the time to read about Me x

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